Are you DIY Styling?

You are able to start setting the venue from 12pm on your wedding day with your decor such as menus, seating chart, florals, signs etc.

The best people to do this are those who don’t need to be getting hair and makeup done and someone who has been part of the planning process so they know what needs to be set up and how you want it to look. Don’t forget Mali Brae Farm set all the standard inclusions you have chosen from the glassware, cutlery, crockery, napkins and runners. Check out our Standard Inclusions to see what can be organised by us.

Easy Seating Chart Suggestions… Use A5 cards to print your seating chart, one table per card and use one of our standard included seating charts to peg it to.

Easy Menu option… if you are not assigning each guest a particular seat and just a table to sit at you can save time and money by just printing two menu’s per table and having those placed in the centre of the table for your guests to share.

Remember if you have Shared Platters less is more on the tables so try organise something small and easy to place out on each table like a mason jar size florals. Side note greenery runners take longer than expected to arrange! Trust us.

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