10 Essentials to consider when choosing your Southern Highlands Wedding venue

As the location of your wedding day and the biggest chunk of your budget, choosing a wedding venue that meets all your needs and expectations can be tricky business. Here are 10 essentials to consider to help you decide on a venue for your special day.

1. Guests

How many guests do you want to have to your wedding – it is hard sometimes to work out final numbers especially when friends and family are overseas or interstate. Do you want to have 50/70/100 or 150 and do you want a seated or cocktail reception as venues can accommodate different numbers according to the style of wedding you want.

Southern Highlands Wedding Venue

2. Budget $$$$

Once you have sorted out the number of guests, budget is next on your list when looking at venues, as your venue will consume a large portion of your wedding budget. So be realistic about what you can afford. Have you sat down and worked out your overall budget for your wedding. How important is the venue and the dining experience as anywhere from 40% to 50% of your budget should be spent on your venue.

By doing this exercise this will help you narrow down your choice of venues but just make sure you know how much the venue does for you and what is supplied in the cost.

There are lots of great apps around that help you with the budget process. Here is a link to a basic one you can use.

3. Season/ Time of year

When do you plan on tying the knot? The time of year will impact your venue choice and pricing ; winter will require an indoors venue while spring and summer affords you outdoor options. The less popular months will often have deals attached to them so make sure to ask what is on offer as you can often save on both the venue and the accommodation.

4. Style & theme

More than a backdrop, the venue for your wedding adds to the overall feel of the day, making it imperative to choose a venue that enhances your theme. Think about the finer details—do the existing fixtures and flooring tie in with your style? If not, you may have to think about extra budget for revamping the space to suit your theme.

5. Privacy

It’s your special day, a day to celebrate with your partner and loved ones. Finding a private venue is key to creating a memorable experience, so avoid venues that have cafes, restaurants attached that are not closed during your function. Make sure there is that private intimate feel to the venue.

6. Location location location

It’s all about location. Narrowing down a location that ties in with the theme of your wedding is just as important when looking at venues. Are there plenty of places for amazing photos without leaving the property, is there a good of choice for ceremony sites so that if you have a day with bad weather the ceremony can still proceed with few hassles.

Look at photographers blogs , Instagram pages and web-sites to see the location shoots that the different venues offer.

7. Setting up & preparation

Does your chosen venue provide adequate preparation services, or will you be required to set up chairs and tables yourself? How much do you want to do on your wedding day, make sure you understand what they do , what you need to do and any associated costs involved in extra work.

Do they also offer full styling services on top of their standard set up and this can save you time and money by having the one place organise it all.

8. Approved Venue with Insurance

Make sure that the venue you are considering has all the proper council approvals as there is nothing worse than a venue being closed down just months before your wedding. If you are considering other options are there any special permits required for your ceremony or reception? Weddings in public spaces may require a council permit, so do you research before committing to the venue.

9. Facilities

Accessibility to toilets and parking will make your day run a lot smoother, as will included kitchen facilities and tables and chairs. Do a tour of potential venues to ensure they meet your requirements and talk to site providers about bringing in external services like port-a-loos and marques if they don’t have permanent facilities as this can add up quickly when hiring in a kitchen and a cool room for the day.

10. Compare & research

Its easy to get swept up in the excitement of looking at all the different venues, but take a moment to do your research and compare venue offerings. While some venues offer picturesque ceremony sights, they make lack in services and facilities. Compare your top three choices to ensure your venue provides value and meets all your needs.

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